Tinted probiotic & peptide skincare. 

Get glowing.

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Meet the Good Guys.

Our Probiotic and Peptide skincare keep your skin's GOOD GUYS (good bacteria) working for you. Our Skin Energy and Glow Food are serum and mist tints packed with probiotics, peptides, EGF, collagen, ceramides and hyaluronic acids. Our skin-benefiting ingredients work to nourish, plump your skin, from within, by feeding the diverse flora of good bacteria that live on your skin and by enhancing your production of collagen, elastin and healthy cells. They help to calm the immune triggers in your skin that react to pollution, stress and hormones to prevent breakouts, dryness, wrinkles, irritations and uneven skin tone. Skin Energy and Glow Food keep the good guys on your skin thriving.

Meet the Bad Guys.

Our Antimicrobial Makeup Brushes keep the BAD GUYS, (bad bacteria) off your skin. Bacteria is the #1 cause of signs of early aging and skin irritations (we're talking wrinkles, sagging, uneven skin tone, acne, redness and eczema flareups). We care about your skin and regular makeup brushes just don't cut it, they hold bad bacteria that wreak havoc on your skin. Our makeup brushes are infused with cutting-edge antimicrobial technology that keeps bad bacteria, mold, fungus and yeast from EVER attaching onto our brushes. This keeps the bad bacteria off of your skin so your brushes will never be the culprit behind your latest breakout. 


 Probiotic-infused skin serum in 14 tints.

PRE & PROBIOTICS (balances pH, rebuilds skin barrier calms immune triggers to stress, hormones, pollution)


TREMELLA EXTRACT (hydrates and firms skin while reducing hyperpigmentation & age spots by 59% -better than Vitamin C)


PHYTOSPHINGOSINE (creates natural ceramides to reduce fine lines and reduces acne by killing pore-clogging bacteria) 


CERAMIDES 1,3,6 (forms a protective barrier that helps acne, eczema, rosacea, dermatitis)

CHARGED HYALURONIC ACIDS (bind to cells for 48hr hydration, reducing wrinkles & fine lines)


CHAMOMILLE EXTRACT (anti-inflammatory that reduces redness,& sensitive skin)

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If you want a flawless glow, probiotics are the place to start. Our products are scientifically formulated with pre- and probiotics to naturally activate your skin's repair process to reduce acne, eczema and restore collagen, elastin and healthy cells deep within your skin's layers. As your skin restores itself, our probiotics continue to nourish the diverse flora on your skin that keeps it glowing, healthy and thriving on its surface.  Our probiotic technology works to maintain the equilibrium of your skin's outer and inner layers, to protect and restore your skin from the inside-out.



Probiotic & EGF day & night cream.

PRE & PROBIOTICS (balance pH, rebuild your barrier and calm immune reactions to stress, hormones & pollution)

EGF (sends a message to boost collagen & elastin, increasing firmness & elasticity)


NIACINAMIDE (soothes eczema, acne and inflammatory skin conditions, minimizes pores, brightens dark spots and pigmentation & builds keratin, a skin-firming protein)


ROSE WATER (reduces redness from acne, dermatitis and eczema & guards against pollution for wrinkle-free skin) 


CERAMIDES 1,3,6 (form a protective barrier that help acne, eczema, rosacea, dermatitis & reduce fine lines)


HYALURONIC ACID (pulls moisture from the air into skin cells to plump & hydrate, minimizing fine lines)


Probiotic & peptide face mist

Feed your glow.

TOPICAL BOTOX (reduces fine line formation by 30% in 30 days & tightens skin)


EGF & 8 PEPTIDES (send a message to skin cells to boost collagen - increasing skin firmness & elasticity)


PRE & PROBIOTICS (balances pH, refills the microbiome and calms immune triggers to stress, hormones, pollution)


COLLAGEN (boosts elasticity, firmness & anti-wrinkle effects)


ALOE (packed with anti-acne and antioxidant enzymes, vitamin A, C, E and salicylic acid, to soothe irritations, eczema, acne, psoriasis & redness)


HYALURONIC ACID (pulls moisture from the air into skin cells to plump & hydrate, minimizing fine lines)


Found in abundance throughout your body, oligo/poly peptides are natural proteins that float between cells sending messages for cell growth, healing, and replenishment. In the skin, peptides are made in the outermost epidermal layer (in keratinocytes that you can see in the mirror), and the lower layer (in collagen-producing factories). Peptides send messages to replicate, repair, and rejuvenate your skin from deep within. Naturally, you produce less peptides overtime and you lose elastin skin fibres, which leads to wrinkles and sagging. The ability for peptides to increase the production of elastin, collagen and cell turnover makes them essential to restoring your skin's youthful glow. Our peptides are plant-derived and synthetically made.









Our Cutting-Edge Antimicrobial Brush Technology Uses Charged Crystals To Stop Bacteria From Ever Attaching onto the Brush Hairs or Handles.




How does it work?

We infuse our brushes with nitrogen-rod that stop ALL bacteria from ever attaching onto our brush hairs and handles. This gives longterm protection against the growth of bacteria, acne-causing germs, mold, fungus, yeast and anything that touches your brushes from your makeu bag or bathroom counter.

Why antimicrobial brushes?

Bacteria is the #1 cause of signs of early aging and skin irritations (redness, breakouts, blemishes and wrinkles) and 90% of regular makeup brushes hold harmful bacteria even after washing. Our coating is a longterm shield against this bacteria.

What about the good bacteria?

But, not all bacteria is bad for your skin. Your skin thrives on healthy bacterial flora that nourish it from within for optimal hydration and pH balance (Check out our Skin Energy & Glow Food). Our technology never disrupts this healthy bacteria, but only target harmful and foreign microbes that will disrupt your skin's natural equilibrium. 

Our Mission

Beauty tech cosmetics is more than a beauty company. It is a passion project created by three woman to celebrate individuality, the power of science and your unique beauty. Our mission is to share your stories, experiences and the real people that use our products, because we believe in 100% authentic marketing. Every cent we earn goes into sourcing our products sustainably and scientifically developing the best ingredients and formulations. Educating everyone on the power of probiotic skincare and natural, high quality ingredients is our goal. And, since we are all about YOU, we only feature the real people that use our products, because you are the best, most genuine marketers we could ever ask for. With this inspiration and our passion for science, we worked to create products that could benefit everyone and their skin. 



BeautyTech Cosmetics is the beauty brand everyone is talking about. Coveted by skincare-gurus, BeautyTech merges beauty with science. From antimicrobial makeup brushes that help prevent acne-causing bacteria, to Nobel Prize-winning ingredient probiotic and peptide-infused skincare, they’ve got products your skin can’t live without. 




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BEAUTYTECH Cosmetics is, and always will be, a proudly cruelty-free brand.

Our Mission

Beauty tech cosmetics is more than a beauty company. It is a passion project created by three woman, a mom and her two daughters, to celebrate individuality, the power of science and your unique beauty. We are inspired by your beauty - the beauty that lies in loving who you are, feeling confident in your own skin and embracing every magical part of yourself that makes you, YOU. With this inspiration and our passion for science, we wanted to create products that could benefit everyone, and their skin. Every one of our products was made with you in mind, because we care about everything you put on your skin, from the beginning to the end of your beauty routine.