The Super-Glow Trio

This bundle brings together our best-selling probiotic-infused Skin Energy serum (40mL), our #1 Glow Food peptide and probiotic-infused face mist (100mL) in "Vitamins & Minerals" and our antimicrobial Rose & Shine brush. You can choose which Skin Energy tint you want in your bundle, and let us know in the notes section if you want a different tint for your Glow Food mist, or no tint at all! 


Our Skin Energy powerhouse serum balances skin pH to keep the healthy bacteria on your skin thriving and your microbiome healthy (for the ultimate glow). The pre & probiotics also calm immune triggers to pollution, stress & hormones, reducing breakouts, eczema, rosacea, acne and redness. Combine this with our Glow Food mist, packed with probiotics, peptides, EGF, collagen, topical botox and more, you can reduce fine lines by 30% in 30 days, rebuild skin elasticity, plump & firm your skin and increase its radiance better than Vitamin C!


Keep the bad bacteria off of your skin using our antimicrobial ROSE & SHINE brush and replenish the good bacteria with our probiotic tinted SKIN ENERGY & GLOW FOOD skincare. 

The Super-Glow Trio

  • Our best-selling SKIN ENERGY probiotic serum and GLOW FOOD peptide mist with our ROSE & SHINE antimicrobial makeup brush all-together for the first time for the ultimate skincare benefits & results!

    SKIN ENERGY leaves a glow on your skin while nourishing it from deep within with probiotics, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, tremella fuciformis and chamomile. Blend SKIN ENERGY or any other skincare serums into your skin perfectly using our antimicrobial ROSE & SHINE serum brush. This brush is infused with cutting-edge technology that keeps all bacteria, mold, fungus or yeast from ever attaching onto its hairs or handles. At GLOW FOOD peptide and probiotics-infused face mist to the mix and you've got a skincare trio that will leave you glowing, inside & out.