Beauty tech cosmetics is more than a beauty company. It is a passion project created by a family to celebrate individuality, the power of science and your unique beauty. Our mission is to share your stories, experiences and the real people that use our products, because we believe in 100% authentic marketing. Every cent we earn goes into sourcing our products sustainably and scientifically developing the best ingredients and formulations. Educating everyone on the power of probiotic skincare and natural, high quality ingredients is our goal. And, since we are all about YOU, we only feature the real people that use our products, because you are the best, most genuine marketers we could ever ask for. With this inspiration and our passion for science, we worked to create skincare products that could benefit everyone and their skin. 

With no outside funding, we pooled together our money to develop our first products; antimicrobial makeup brushes, and probiotic & peptide skincare. The three of us worked together on every part of our products, from each ingredient to the hand-written cards that you all read in your packages. Our goal is to use our platform to educate everyone on how everything you put on your skin matters. 


We customize our bottles and hand-package every order to make sure that you feel as special as you are. Recharge and re-energize your skin to hydrate, plump and nourish it, so you glow, wherever life takes you. 



From our psychology co-founder

Understanding the nature of the human form and the beauty it exudes was realized in creating BeautyTech.

My passions led me to study psychology I worked in neuroscience for 7 years, analyzing EEG's and leading international studies exploring emotional processing and how the brain is linked to our emotions. Through this research, I realized that your feelings and emotions are the blue print of your mind. Feeling confident in our own skin (which can be so difficult at times!) can truly be a gateway for happiness, which is the foundation upon which BeautyTech rests. From developing good-for-your skin products that really work, to customizing our bottles, to each hand-written note, I hope to instil a feeling of confidence that celebrates everyone. The “psychology of happiness and confidence” runs through the core of BeautyTech and it excites me everyday to share my passion with each and every one of you!  

From our model & science co-founder

I have always had a passion for the worlds of beauty and science. Modelling has taught me the importance of embracing who I am. For me, I have struggled with acne and I turned to my education in science to see out natural ingredients that could help. Reading new research and educating people on how each of our ingredients can help their skin has been a dream come true. My passion for sharing the science behind our products, promoting wellness and encouraging everyone to embrace who they are is what I hope BeautyTech encompasses for each of our customers. 

From our molecular scientist co-founder

As a Molecular Scientist, I study small particles, infectious diseases and their interactions with the world. Despite their size, I have continually been surprised by their ability to affect our daily lives. Most mechanisms utilize harsh chemicals and toxins to control these microorganisms. Through my research I was introduced to cutting-edge, non-toxic and 98% water-based antimicrobial technology that provides long-term protection from bacteria, mold and fungus without ever creating super bugs. The revolutionary power of this technology amazed us and we became instantly inspired to bring it to the beauty world. I was inspired by this technology and its potential to help so many people transform their beauty routines so they always feel confident, beautiful and empowered in their own skin.

From our logistics co-founder

As an immigrant, my passion for bringing people together and raising one-another up has always been at the forefront of my goals for myself and BeautyTech. Joining this team has allowed me to share this vision with our community and our brand's mission. When developing our products, I always encouraged us to uplift individuals from all backgrounds with our inclusivity and platform. 

Why antimicrobial brushes & probiotic skincare? 

We started with the basics of everyone's morning skincare and makeup routines- makeup brushes. We knew how harmful bacteria was for our skin and realized that our makeup brushes, even when washed, had millions of bacteria lurking in their bristles (think oils from your skin, mineral makeup, dead skin cells, sebum from pores, bacteria from your counter and the list goes on!). We had to find a solution, not just for ourselves, but for everyone, everywhere, who could potentially solve their skin problems with brushes that can never hold bacteria. We were determined to make makeup brushes into your skincare!

 This is when we discovered a natural, cutting-edge antimicrobial technology that could keep all bad bacteria off of makeup brushes (and off of your skin!). For two years we researched and developed this technology to bring its skin-saving power into makeup brushes that everyone can use. Seeing our passion for science and beauty come to life through these brushes was incredible, but, we still felt that we could do more.


That’s why we developed our SKIN ENERGY and GLOW FOOD probiotic and peptide serums. We wanted to create natural, good-for-your-skin skincare, to keep your skin glowing on the outside while nourishing and repairing it on the inside. We've sourced the best, and highest quality ingredients, to make sure that every drop and each spritz is like a green smoothie for your face, a time machine for your skin, and a long weekend reset. 

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BEAUTYTECH Cosmetics is, and always will be, a proudly cruelty-free brand.

Our Mission

Beauty tech cosmetics is more than a beauty company. It is a passion project created by three woman, a mom and her two daughters, to celebrate individuality, the power of science and your unique beauty. We are inspired by your beauty - the beauty that lies in loving who you are, feeling confident in your own skin and embracing every magical part of yourself that makes you, YOU. With this inspiration and our passion for science, we wanted to create products that could benefit everyone, and their skin. Every one of our products was made with you in mind, because we care about everything you put on your skin, from the beginning to the end of your beauty routine.