Skin Gloss Firming Face + Lip Mask
Our NEW SKIN GLOSS Probiotic & Matrixyl Firming Face & Lip Mask. Our dewy, concentrated formula delivers powerful anti-aging benefits with Matrixyl (more powerful than retinol, without the irritation or sun sensitivity), as well as deep microbiome repair with probiotics, cell hydration from 3 hyaluronic acids, skin-soothing with Ayurvedic actives, and 6 antioxidant seed extracts that hydrate, repair, replenish, heal, and rejuvenate skin for the ultimate glossy glow, while reducing pigmentation, dark spots, and uneven skin tone for a soft and glowing complexion overnight.  Size: 50mL

Skin Gloss Firming Face + Lip Mask

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  • Increases collagen production by 100-327%.

    Increases hyaluronic acid production by 267%.

    Reduces wrinkles & fine lines by 68% in 2 months. 

    Smoothes skin texture by 47% in 2 months. 

    Rebuilds skin barrier by 89% in 10 days. 

    Reduces inflammation with antioxidant boosters. 

    Gentler than retinol, but works 1.5x better for reducing wrinkle depth & visible fine lines. 

    The power of retinol, without sun sensitvity.