Skin Energy Serum



More than just a skin serum, Skin energy serum (40mL) was made with your skin in mind, developed with the highest quality ingredients. 


Skin Energy is a tinted skin serum with miracle skin benefitting actives that repair dry & damaged skin cells, reduce acne & breakouts, restore the skin's natural pH to keep skin in equilibrium (not too oily, not too dry), calm the skin's immune triggers to pollution, stress & hormones, rebuild collagen and elastin fibres to reduce fine lines & wrinkles, deliver deep hydration to plump inner skin layers and nourish skin microflora to soothe rosacea, eczema, rashes and redness.


PRE & PROBIOTICS (pH balance, barrier repair)

TREMELLA EXTRACT (deep cell hydration, brighten)

PHYTOSPHINGOSINE (anti-aging, cell rejuvenation)

CERAMIDES 1,3,6 (skin barrier rebuilder)

3 HYALURONIC ACIDS (plump, 48 hr hydration)

CHAMOMILLA EXTRACT (anti-inflammatory)


Skin Energy Serum

  • Skin energy is a customized tinted glow serum available in matte or glowing light tints that are packed with concentrated skin benefiting ingredients that hydrate, repair, plump and protect your skin's natural barrier from pollution, stress and aging. Our star ingredients include:

    Pre & Pro Biotics. Ceramides 1,3,6. Three Specialized Hyaluronic acids. Ancient plumping extract. Chamomile.