The Skin Palette Bundle

Our best-selling tinted probiotic-infused Skin Energy serum (40mL) and Rose & Shine antimicrobial serum brush together for the ultimate skincare duo! Keep the bad bacteria off of your skin using our antimicrobial ROSE & SHINE brush and replenish the good bacteria with our probiotic tinted SKIN ENERGY serum. 


Foreign bacteria is the #1 cause of wrinkles, acne and skin irritations (we're talking skin sagging, uneven skin tone, redness and eczema flareups). That's why we've developed our antimicrobial Rose & Shine serum brush, infused with cutting-edge crystal technology to stop all pore-clogging bacteria, mold and fungus from attaching onto the brush hairs, keeping your skin clear and clean all day long. To compliment our antimicrobial brush, we developed the first-ever tinted probiotic serum, SKIN ENERGY. This powerhouse serum balances skin pH to keep the healthy bacteria on your skin thriving and your microbiome healthy (for the ultimate glow). The pre & probiotics also calm immune triggers to pollution, stress & hormones, reducing breakouts, eczema, rosacea, acne and redness. 


Never comprimise your skincare routine again with bacteria-filled makeup brushes or chemical-filled skincare. From the beginning to the end of your skincare routine, we've got you, and your skin, covered. Let's get glowing, from the inside-out. 



The Skin Palette Bundle

  • Our best-selling SKIN ENERGY probiotic serum & our ROSE & SHINE antimicrobial makeup brush together for the first time for the ultimate skincare benefits & results!

    SKIN ENERGY leaves a glow on your skin while nourishing it from deep within with probiotics, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, tremella fuciformis and chamomile. Blend SKIN ENERGY or any other skincare serums into your skin perfectly using our antimicrobial ROSE & SHINE serum brush. This brush is infused with cutting-edge technology that keeps all bacteria, mold, fungus or yeast from ever attaching onto its hairs or handles. Now your brush is your skincare. 

    Blend in your SKIN ENERGY without ever comprimising your skincare or beauty routine!