Glow Food Mist

Meet Glow Food. More than just a face spray, Glow Food is packed with probiotics, 8 peptides, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera extract, a topical botox and collagen to repair dermal layers, rebuild skin, rejuvinate cells, firm outer layers and minimize fine lines and wrinkles. 


Key Actives:

TOPICAL BOTOX (skin tightening)

EGF & PEPTIDES (DNA repair & renewal)

PRE & PROBIOTICS (pH balance)

COLLAGEN (fine line reduction)

ALOE EXTRACT (heals & repairs)



Size: 100mL


Glow Food Mist

$48.00 Regular Price
$38.40Sale Price
  • Glow Food is more than just a glow spray. It is a shimmering mist packed with nourishing, powerful and concentrated ingredients that work deep within to repair, restore and let your skin glow from the inside out. It is packed with nourishing peptides, collagen, pre- and probiotics and so much more! See below for all the skin-nourishing ingredients that GLOW FOOD has in store for you!

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