Each fibre of our 12 piece 'CRYSTAL CLEAR COMPLEXION'™ Brush Set is infused with our microscopic charged nitrogen-rod crystals which stop bacteria from ever attaching onto our brush hairs and handles. This powerful technology also inhibits the growth of ALL bacteria, mold, yeast and fungus that lingers from oils, foundations, mineral makeup, creams and any bacteria from your makeup bag or bathroom counter.


Bacteria is the #1 cause of signs of early aging and skin irritations (redness, breakouts, blemishes and wrinkles). Numerous studies identified that 90% of makeup brushes hold harmful bacteria and up to 70% harbor mold and fungus growth. Our brushes and fibres are also scientifically designed for flawless makeup application, blending and finish. These cutting-edge synthetic antimicrobial fibres give you seamless perfection when applying and blending your creams, foundations, bronzer and highlighter and sculpting your look to glow and contour with flawless perfection! With eye brushes, face brushes and lip brushes, your entire look can be beautifully sculpted with this brush set.


  • Antimicrobial: Scientifically designed antimicrobial synthetic fibres.
  • This set is vegan, cruelty free and made of synthetic-fibre bristles.
  • 17" long, tapered, shining, handles are lightweight with soft edges.
  • The specially designed plastic handles allow for a perfect fit in your hands and precise application.
  • Pyramid-pointed ends allow you to grip the brush at any point along the handle for either loose or defined application of liquid or powder product.
  • A beautiful pink leather cylinder is included with the brush set for a stunning peice to add to your vanity, while keeping your brushes protected. It is also perfect for seperating your clean and used brushes, or even seperating face and eye brushes as you apply your makeup.


Beauty starts with the tools you use. Enhance your makeup experience with beautiful and professional makeup brushes.


This set includes a foundation brush, tapering brushes, sculpting brushes and various sizes of shadow brushes that exceed professional make-up standards and quality.


Crystal Clear Complexion Brush Set

  • Brush:

    Cruelty free, Vegan

    Cutting-edge antimicrobial synthetic fibers
    Scientifically developed to hold, apply + blend product flawlessly

    Durable, corrosion-resistant ferrules
    Metal plating for additional shine + strength

    Responsibly-sourced, lightweight handles

    17" for easy grip and angling of the brushes
    Beautiful pyramid pointed handles for perfect angling of the brush and makeup application



    Health Canada & EPA approved

    100% sustainable

    This technology does not replace regular brush washing

    • The Powder Crystal Brush: The soft and fluffy fibers of this brush make it ideal for mineral or liquid foundation and loose or compact powder application for setting your base. This brush provides a light dusting of makeup for high definition results without moving any other makeup on your skin.
    • The Buffed-Up Kabuki Brush: All good makeup starts with a flawless base. Our flat top Kabuki brush is incredibly soft and dense, making it easy to pick up product and give you a smooth, flawless, and high definition finish. The synthetic fibres work great with both cream and powder products.
    • The Flawless Foundation Brush: The Flawless brushe's flat-top bristles are smooth and soft, but densley packed brush to apply liquid or powder foundation in a smooth and creaseless fashion. The synthetic fibres work wonderfully to provide full coverage and pick up lots of product onto the brush with each application.
    • The Contour Carving Brush: The contour brush is perfect for sculpting the face, whether it’s for a striking contour or a shining highlight. The end of the brush is tapered to allow you to apply product into the hollows of the cheeks, the sides of your nose, and along your jawline to give you a sharp, yet soft and blended look. It can also be used to create a bright highlight with the pointed tip, fitting seamlessly along the bridge of your nose and the high points of your face.
    • The Pearl Blush Brush: The Bold brush is designed with angled, rounded bristles that are compact to pick up the pigments of cream, liquid or powder blush. The rounded but angled tip is designed to allow blending so that there are no harsh lines and maximum effect can be reached when application starts from the apples of the cheeks and sweeps across in a backwards motion towards the ear.
    • The Crystal-Clear Concealer Brush: The Correction brush is essential for spot correction and to pat the concealer product into the skin for a natural coverage. Our flat brush bristles and pointed tip make application and blending of the concealer smooth and small enough to touch up any blemishes or to even create a sharp and precise line along the lip line or winged eye-shadow.
    • Eye Shadow Essentials Brushes: The trick to the perfect eyeshadow look is to blend, blend, and when you think you’ve blended enough, blend one more time to achieve perfection. Our set comes with a flat top blending brush, a straight and dome-shaped angled crease brush, a large and small rounded all-over shadow brush and a precision angled liner brush.
    • Lip Essentials Brush: If you want precision and perfectly lined lips, this lip brush is a must.


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